Simply Circuit

NOTE: This is the first of Gin’s more recent titles to go out of print – Simply Circuit is now only available thru our Uscreen TV streaming store.

Ever have days where you don’t want to think–you just want to move? Gin Miller’s “Simply Circuit” is Classic Fitness at its best – simple athletic moves but high intensity. These moves are a no-brainer, but the intensity is a real stress buster. Super simple, familiar choreography.

This fast paced workout starts with a warm-up that progresses quickly into steady state aerobics with little or no rest between segments. Gin cycles through 6 cardio and 6 strength segments in the first hi/lo circuit. Then, just when you think you’ve had enough, Gin immediately transitions into another circuit of Step Training alternating with additional strength segments. The last 8 minutes of this section is a cardio mix of the high/lo (at a slower pace) and the step sequence, followed by lateral raises to complete the upper body workout.

This Cardio Resistance Circuit finishes with a CORE training segment for your abs and low back.

Level: Intermediate / Advanced
Released 2003

The DVD is chaptered as follows:

  • Pre-workout instructions
  •  Play Entire Workout
  • Warm up (apx 10 min.)
  • Floor Mix (Hi/Lo) Circuit (apx 13 min)
  • Step Patterns segment (apx 25 min)
  • Cooldown and Core / Ab work ( 10 min)

Total Time: 58 minutes

Equipment Needed:

  • Step Platform
  • Dumbbells
  • Mat or Towel


5 Stars –  I LOVE this w/o!!! It’s cardio & strength like I’ve never done! You can’t do it everyday but on my day….I get so excited!!!! ~ Lynn from Texas

Simply Circuit is now only available thru our Uscreen TV streaming store.

More Info

Simply Circuit, released in May of 2003, gives you a lot of everything – cardio intensity with hi/lo on the floor, uncomplicated step with power – all alternating with challenging upper body strength exercises. The workout finishes with a great core (abs and low back) segment.

The choreography is uncomplicated classic athletic fitness moves that allow you to work your body at the highest intensity without overloading your brain. Floor moves such as simple side touches (lo) or side kicks (hi), marches/runs and jumping jacks are are all done in the area behind your step. The strength exercises are either body weight, or isolated exercises using moderate to heavy dumbbells.

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