Simply Step Classic Moves

Simply Step Classic Moves

Gin Miller’s “SIMPLY STEP” is designed to provide a workout that delivers intensity and physical challenge rather than complexity and brain-drain.

This 50-minute cardio workout is a brand new take on classic, clear and concise step training programs that make you work hard without having to have learn dizzying dance moves.

It’s a carefully crafted, intensity-layered workout for a wide variety of fitness enthusiasts, from step-starters to the step-fit, and anyone who’s ready to revel in the heart-pounding demand of real step training.

Equipment – Step Platform


5 Stars – This workout is excellent because I am moving for a solid hour. Think of all the calories burned! The choreography is simple so I can keep my heart rate up instead of wasting time learning fancy steps. I love the moves, especially the “monkey arms.” This video is one that I will do regularly. ~ Avis from California

5 Stars – Get ready to sweat & be entertained by Gin! This DVD may be easy to follow because of Gin’s excellent cuing, but it not an easy one as far as intensity. This workout will help you burn calories & give you a laugh or two. Gin has an awesome attitude! ~ Barb from Michigan

5 Stars – The last time I “stepped” was back in the mid-eighties. I bought Gin’s 2004 Simply Basic and was so elated with the workout. With Gin’s humor and energy it eased me back into it. More importantly, I love the way she cue’s each step. Since she is facing you, she cues your right foot; while she is using her opposite foot. The transitions are much smoother because of it. I’m very happy with my purchase. ~ Diane from Georgia

5 Stars – Honestly, I never thought I’d be laughing while getting my butt kicked on the step, but this DVD does just that! Gin is funny and endearing while she whips you into shape, which has happened to me – fast!! It’s a GREAT workout! ~ Amy from Minnesota

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