Step Reebok Circuit Challenge

This is indeed a classic! Circuit Challenge alternates step with strength training segments for a time-saving, overall conditioning workout and it’s Gin’s personal favorite.

Circuit Challenge was shot using a live band – not something you are likely to find these days – and the jazz funk-type music with its motivating drum beat will keep you moving through to the end of this complete workout.

The Workout:

  • Instructional Section: 10 minutes
  • Warm-up: 8 minutes
  • Cardiovascular Workout: 30 minutes
  • Abdominal Session: 4 minutes
  • Slow Stretch: 3 minutes

Equipment Needed:

  • Step Platform
  • Elastic Tube and/or dumbbells
  • Mat or towel

Back cover description:

Put some muscle in your step! Step Reebok: Circuit Challenge condenses hours of training into 45 minutes of intense conditioning. This is the fastest body-shaping, fat-burning step workout yet. For the first time, Step Reebok meets resistance as you alternate between cardiovascular step segments and muscle toning exercises using the Step Reebok Resistance Tube or hand weights.

As you move to the percussive punctuation of live jazz funk and jamming sax, Gin Miller, the creator of the Step Reeebok program, leads you through exercise intervals and quick-cut combos that defy boredom and challenge even the toughest exercisers. If you’re less advanced, Gin and her team show you how to make it easier. But the real benefit of this cardiovacular workout is that is shapes the lower body while the resistance tones the upper body. The core circuit – presented in three ten-minute intervals – is a double density workout that strengthens and tones the muscles while burning the fat. Additional stretches, an abdominal session, warm-up and cool-down round out the program to work every major muscle group in the body.

“Step Reebok:Circuit Challenge” has been developed and researched by the renowned faculty of Reebok University. The Step Reebok Research and Development Team has used its specialized knoledge of the physiological and biomechanical effects of exercise to create an effective and motivational workout.

Reviews ~

5 Stars – Love this workout! The music is a live band and so upbeat. This circuit training workout is well structured – a cardio burst followed by a strength training move – in three 10 minute sections, and all body parts get worked equally. I used weights instead of the tube because I found it easier to grab my weights than get my tube in position quick enough. Gin’s cueing is great and easy to follow. ~  Barb from Michigan

5 Stars – Thank you so much! I have been looking for this for years! It is so awesome. I used to do it in high school on VHS but I no longer have a tape player. I am so happy this is on DVD. Thanks again for posting this lively workout. It is very original and one-of-a-kind. I never felt like I was exercising when doing it; I was having fun and burning a ton of calories, too!  ~ Delly from North  Carolina

5 Stars – I too did this back in the early 90’s & loved it. I have the DVD now & 2 others of Gin’s & enjoy them thoroughly. I had a baby in December of 2010 & I did this w/o during pregnancy on the low impact version. I only gained 19 lbs & have lost all of it plus more since. Yes, I checked w/my OB. Gin’s w/o’s are the best. I just recently got the “simply circuit”….OMG I love it! ~ Lynn from Texas

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