Step Reebok Extreme Step

Step Reebok Extreme Step

The last of Gin’s Step Reebok workouts, Extreme Step returned to the industrial days and was shot on location in an empty Boston warehouse. Extreme was indeed as it was named  – extreme!  The workout mixes interval step with strength – one arm side push ups, plyo jumps and athletic drills – Gin stopped short of doing cartwheels over the top!

Due to the high intensity format, which is Cardio Interval WITH Circuit, Extreme was apparently a bit much for some.  It was not quite as “in demand” as Intense Moves, but boy did it live up to its name!

Description – Prepare yourself for the ultimate integrated workout – featuring Interval Circuit Training. This unique cross-training method combines cardio stepping for overall endurance, with body weight resistance for strong lean muscle mass – into one high-powered calorie burning program.

Includes warm-up, cardiovascular Step aerobics workout with strength and cool-down.

Equipment: Step Platform, dumbbells (1998) 52 minutes Level: advanced

Reviews –

5 Stars- This is by far my all time favorite workout. I feel like evry part of my body gets something out of it.But doesn’t get dragged out in what little time I have to workout. Thanks Gin. ~ Kathy from Michigan

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