Step Reebok Intense Moves

This is an advanced interval training workout that is the ultimate fat-burning pure cardio workout. All that is needed is a Step Platform and lots of energy! You perform repeated work efforts (RPEs) at intensities that feel well above your steady or resting state. The effort may range from hard (RPE = 5) to maximal effort (RPE = 10). Then you recover at intervals performed at your steady state, or lower intensity.

Effort Interval + Recovery Interval = One Cycle.

In Intense Moves, Gin leads you through 10 cycles and demonstrates various options from which to choose appropriate to your fitness level. It’s a video you can really improve with… as you get fitter, you’ll choose from some of the harder options.

This top selling video improves muscle strength and endurance, maxVo2 and lactate tolerance, and allows for a greater total volume of work in these manageable bouts of all out work effort followed by recovery.

This proven method of interval training burns more calories than a standard steady state workout, and revs the metabolism to provide a post workout afterburn too!

Reviews ~

5 Stars – Gin and her crew rocks again in this challenging step internal workout! Bucks well spent!!! ~ Michelle from Ohio

5 Stars – I love this video! Step was becoming too easy for me and boring. This video gave me a new challenging workout. The best thing about it is she gives you options to make it easy, moderate, or hard so you can pick your intensity. ~ Michelle from Minnesota

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  1. Andrew says

    This is my favorite workout for pushing myself to the limit. What makes it so good is that you can’t get comfortable and just do the routine and assume you’ve mastered it. The intensity is all up to you and there is always room to work a little bit harder.

    I’ve been doing this one for over 7 years now and it’s still my go-to DVD for a tough workout. Even on the 10-inch level doing the hard variations, it still feels like you could push yourself just that little bit further each time….

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