Step Reebok The Power Workout

Step Reebok The PowerSecond in the Step Reebok series, this tough workout adds the hops, leaps, jumps and explosive propulsion steps known as “power” moves.

This athletic choreographed workout features step creator Gin Miller, with her expert voice cues and directional hand signals. It’s easy to follow and provides just enough diversity to offer a challenging, fun workout.

The Power Workout, with its motivating music provided by a live on-set band, quality MTV style production, and a futuristic industrial set, is a solid high impact / intensity workout and step fan favorite.

Total Time: 50 minutes
Workout Time: 41 minutes
Type: Cardio Step
Levels: Intermediate to Advanced
Choreography: Basic Athletic
Equipment required: step platform

Released: 1993


5 Stars – Gin, You are the best!!! I just drug 3 of your tapes out(VHS)…All of them are excellent!!! This one is very good. YOur instruction is clear-and it is a very good work-out!! I know I will shed the lbs. soon!!!! ~ Nancy from USA

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