Step Reebok The Video

Step Reebok The VideoYes, you found it!  The original and still one of the very best! This is the workout that launched Step Reebok training back in the early 90’s. This top selling DVD is still considered one of the best workouts for learning Step!

Step Reebok The Video is known for it’s high production value – including a live African band, industrial set and Gin’s cuing from monitors overhead.

  • Total Time: 48 minutes
  • Workout Time: 45 minutes
  • Type: Cardio Step
  • Levels: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Equipment required: step platform

Released: 1992

Don’t let the title or the cover fool you – it’s still called ‘The Video’, but it’s now only available on DVD.  The cover is different from the original release, but it is the workout you are most likely looking for!

 Reviews ~

5 Stars – I had this workout on video in the 90s and it was the one which hooked me on step aerobics! I have found nothing which remotely compares to it and have just ordered it on DVD! A fab workout which makes you sweat, loose weight and feel great! ~ Tracy from Scotland

5 Stars – How glad I am to find this site! Having been a devoted fan of Step Reebok since the beginning and having worn out 3 copies of the video version, I cannot believe I have finally found the DVD version. It is by far the best step workout on the market, the routine is easy to follow, but makes you work up a sweat so you know you have had a workout! Excellent for losing weight and toning up, or just to maintain your fitness.  ~ Mary Ellen from The UK

5 Stars – I found the VHS in my “library” put it on with my same Reebok step on the tape. I love this tape/dvd. Being of simple mind and not a dancer I found it very easy to follow got a fantastic work out,heart rate up and lots of sweat. I was devestated when my video player ATE my tape. I hope to order the dvd soon and get started again. I want to get more of them. Love it!!  ~ Lynn from Texas

5 Stars – This was the first exercise video I ever purchased 15 years ago. It delivered quick results and exceeded my expectations! I lost lots of weight & gained mega energy. After having children and becoming rather sedentary, I decided to search for this on DVD. I was so happy to find it again! I’ve tried a variety of aerobic videos and tend to measure them all to this one. It’s a timeless and original masterpiece that I can’t wait to receive. A million thanks, Gin! You rock!!~ Ericka from Oregon

5 Stars ~ Wow…I first bought this VHS in 1993!I loved it then and I love it now!I’ve used it off and on over the past 16 years as I’ve struggled to be consistent with my workouts.Last weekend, while visiting Chicago, my sister-whose been asking me about it for weeks-and I pulled out the VHS and did the workout as we laughed and giggled til the end-exhausted! This video has always kicked my butt! I’m excited about getting back into it DVD style…again-WOW-can’t believe I found it! Thanks Gin!  ~ Jennifer from Illinois

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  1. Chris says

    This is still one of my all time favorite step workouts of all time. When working out I try new things, but this is always my go to (tape in the 90’s) DVD! Love, love LOVE it!

  2. Amanda says

    When I was a kid in Colorado in the winter when the snow was a foot deep and we couldn’t go outside for PE I had a cool phys ed teacher that had a bunch of workout videos and steps for the kids to do (better then being stuck playing dodge ball all winter!), and this was the whole class’s fav workout. I recently got the dvd and my daughter (who is 16) enjoys doing it just like I did at her age. :-)

  3. CB says

    Did this workout video as a kid with my mom LOL! I now at 28 do it on her old step. We occasionaly still do it together sometimes for old time sake. Great video and workout!

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