Aerostep & Best of Step Reebok TV

When some of the Reebok Classics were converted to DVD, Aerostep and Best of Step Reebok TV did not make the conversion due to minimal demand for these titles.  Occasional inquiries are made about them, but the only option for replacing them is to search for used vhs copies from resellers on Amazon or Ebay.

Aerostep – demonstrated another format for step combining step patterns with floor aerobic patterns.

Best of Step Reebok TV - Original Cover

Last Cover for Best of Step Reebok TV Shown Top - This is the Original Cover

Best of Step Reebok TV and Fit TV

Remember the glory days when you could find a Reebok Master trainer teaching from some exotic location in the world? People often ask about the old Fit TV days – Best of Step Reebok used to be as close as you could get to the days when you could turn on ESPN and enjoy a short on-location step workout, although Best of Step Reebok TV segments were from the popular ESPN European shows.

Some say Gin’s humor really comes out in the TV workouts – it’s safe to assume that production days were very, very long!   As for the actual Fit TV shows, we’re not even sure who owns them anymore and don’t even have copies in our archives.  If you have them on tape, we are jealous…. but you better hope your VHS player works forever!


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