1. sandra lang says

    Gin, where can I get a DVD of the Reedbok Aero Step. I have this copy in VHS but it would easier to have it in a DVD. I have look everywhere to buy. Can you help?

  2. Gail Katz says

    Please, please, please, whoever is reading this, bring Aerostep back (can’t find on ebay) as a DVD along with your other video that has no step and Gin is hysterical and great, introducing us to the Roger Rabbit, etc. It’s a straight up aerobics video and would love to have it on DVD. Can’t remember the name. Years ago my VHS player ate about 4 of my best videos, those two included. PLEASE! Nothing even close to those two out there. Thanks so much! Even if they are on youtube or some other site, I’d be thrilled and just set them up in my basement and go for it. I have all Gin’s other DVD’s, in fact, used to do Step the Video almost every day at work with a group of men and women. I miss my Aerostep and that aerobics video so much tho. Please?! Thanks!!

  3. sara says

    One of my all time favorites! If you aren’t going to put it on DVD (and I’m not sure why they wouldn’t as they setting is much less cheesy than a lot of the other early 90 varieties available) at least release it to youtube. PLEASE!

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