Build Up Your Muscles

4 full length workouts by Gin Miller ALL on 1 DVD!

Building your muscles with weight bearing exercise is a great way to strengthen your body and burn calories – even at rest! Your bones will become more dense, protecting your from osteoporosis, injury and fatigue. Your joints and postural muscles will thank you as you increase your daily energy levels and reduce the pain associated with arthritis. Your figure will thank you as you delay muscle loss and enhance metabolism. In just a few weeks of training, you’ll begin to build muscle mass – seeing and feeling reductions in body fat, which will also improve your insulin sensitivity helping to reduce the onset of diabetes.

Choose your intensity by starting with a light weight or resistance that will allow you to practice the workout. As you become stronger, slightly add or increase your overload each week so that you gradually build your stamina over six weeks. In time, you’ll be boasting a new physique as well as a renewed outlook on life.

Exercise Prescriptions:

Level Frequency Intensity Duration
Beginner 1X per week Light Resistance up to 8 Repetitions
Intermediate 2X per week Medium Resistance 12-15 Repetitiions
Advanced 3X per week Heavy Resistance All Repetitions


Each workout is a complete workout using different equipment options.

  • Dumbbells
  • Elastic Tubing
  • Small Weighted Balls
  • Ankle Weights

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