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Simply IntervalGet Fit Fast, Burn Fat Faster!

Cardio Interval Training is an effective means of increasing overall fitness that also results in faster fat burning in a reduced amount of time. Simply Interval is a “short & sweet” 43 minute workout designed by Gin Miller, the creator of step training, featuring 8 cycles of all-out work effort followed by low effort recovery or rest. This advanced step workout will strengthen your heart and lungs, and burn more overall calories compared to steady state aerobic training – both during and after the workout.

True to her reputation as an expert instructor, Gin guides you through this uncomplicated, easy-to-follow, intense workout which can be performed twice weekly, following the recommended rest of 48 hours between cardio interval training workout sessions.

Above & Beyond Steady State Aerobic Training

The Simply Interval workout uses the Rating of Percieved Exertion with a scale of 1 to 10 to monitor intensity level. In the high intensity work efforts, you should feel like you’re working harder than regular steady state aerobic training with a rating between 7 and 10. The rest cycle drops your effort down to below 5 for active rest, and 3 for nearly complete rest. This important recovery allows for maximum effort in the next work cycle, resulting in the full benefits of cardio interval training. So keep in mind that the harder you rest, the harder you can work!

  • Equipment Required:  Step Platform
  • Warm-Up: 6 Minutes
  • Interval Workout: 33 Minutes
  • 8 Cycles (2 with extended bonus work)
  • Cool-Down & Stretch: 4 minutes

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Thank goodness that this is a short version of Gin’s interval workout—I would never make it through a longer version! It is a tough, no-nonsense winner. Gin is an excellent instructor and easy to follow with various levels to challenge you. Her friendly encouragement helps motivate me to push myself further. ~ Barb from Michigan

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