Gin’s Calorie Burner Workout with Kettlebells

Gin's Calorie Burner Workout with KettlebellsGin’s Kettlebell Workout is designed to maximize results with the dynamic training that challenges core strength and stability using light to moderate weight kettlebells as follows:
  • Novice (to the dynamics of Kettlebells) – less than or up to 9 pounds.
  • Practiced – less than or up to 12 pounds
  • Expert – less than or up to 15 pounds
Gin Miller’s Calorie Burning Workout with Kettlebells introduces a new dimension in strength with the dynamics of kettlebell training.  The results of this reactive-type of training are a higher caloric burn, enhanced core and joint stability and firmly sculpted muscles.

This program is designed specifically to improve fitness conditioning and add a new variable in resistance training with contemporary modifications to traditional “power” techniques.   With an emphasis on “neutral spine” (head, neck, chest and spine in line), a tight stable core, and attention paid to proper joint extension, Gin recommends the use of light to moderate kettlebells for this particular workout.

  • Novice (new to kettlebell training*) – less than or up to 9lbs
  • Practiced – less than or up to 12 lbs
  • Expert – less than or up to 15 pounds

*Due to the dynamic nature of this workout, exercisers should be pre-conditioned with a strong foundation in resistance exercise and core stability.

As with any new program or training mode, it is important to view the safety guidelines and watch the workout in its entirety prior to attempting these exercises.   Anyone considering this type of training – including but not limited to pregnant women and especially those with a history of back, hip, spine or any other joint issues – should consult with their health care provider to determine if this program is appropriate for their fitness goals.


  • Warm up – 6:57 minutes
  • Workout 1 – 9:21 Kettlebell swings, single arm bicep curls w/ squat
  • Workout 2 – 14:26 Stationary Lunges w/ rows/reaches,  ab circles for core, single leg hinge w/ pass unders, upright rows, tricep extensions
  • Workout 3 – 14:34  Rear drop lunges w/ cross chops; Figure 8s for core, plie squats w/ overhead press and side leg lifts
  • Cooldown – 5:42
  • Total time – 50:56

This workout is included with the Danskin/Fitness Em kettlebell as an inbox dvd.  The only difference is this version features a non-stop play of all the workout segments.

Calories Burned?

This workout is dynamic strength training that works many muscle groups all at once and also provides a cardio benefit when using the major muscles of the lower body.  We use a 10kcal per minute to estimate the calories burned as a general guideline, but results will vary depending on how hard you work and the amount of weight you are using.


5 Stars – Fast & Simple.  If you want to exercise and get results in 1/3 of the time, you got to get this dvd with the kettlebell. Short workouts but you feel you’ve been working out for a long time. Excellent…excellent…excellent. Would love to get another kettlebell dvd from her. ~ Lisa from New Jersy

5 Stars ~ Day 5 and Still Loving It!  I am a stay at home mom and these three workouts are perfect for me to get in during my sons nap. It takes me just about an hour and I work up a good sweat and I feel great! Gin is so informative and friendly. I always felt like I was doing each exercise exactly right. Great DVD! Highly recommend! ~ Briane from Alabama

5 Stars – WOW!  I have been trying every possible workout dvd and I wish I would have found this sooner. I am totally loving this workout. What a sweat! I can’t wait to do my workouts each day now. Thank you Gin and please make another kettlebell workout dvd! ~ Kathy from Califronia

5 Stars – My son turned me onto Kettle Bell.Research brought me to Gin Miller package with DVD. At 57 this is a fantastic workout and would recommend it to everyone. A great value and a wonderful gift. Great for men and women.Don’t fool yourself and start to heavy.It won’t matter. Progress over time and build up to more weight.Gin is my gal and I am going to get more of her workouts. Thanks Gin! ♥♥♥♥♥ ~ Steve from Kansas

5 Stars ~ I am 43 and just gave birth to my 6th child. I needed a workout that would help burn calories and tone without the hard impact of the “80’s” aerobic workouts. This is fabulous! And bonus It is FUN! I would recommend this to anyone :) ~ Kelly from Ohio

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Additional Safety Considerations and Recommendations

Due to the dynamic nature of these movements,  pre-conditioning with a strong foundation in strength and core stability is  required prior to attempting this workout.

This program is designed for general fitness conditioning  with light to moderate weight kettlebells. Pregnant women and people with a  history of back, neck, spine or any joint issues, are strongly advised to seek  medical counsel prior to attempting any of these exercises.

This workout must be watched in its entirety and practiced  at least once without a kettlebell to get a feel for the demand of these  integrated, dynamic movements and the potential challenge in balance and  reactive training.

Neutral Spine

Maintain neutral spine throughout the movements – head,  neck, chest and spine in proper alignment.   Avoid rounding the back, or excessive flexion / extension of the neck  which may cause compression of the cervical disks.  Rounding of the back can be avoided by  maintaining a controlled retraction of the shoulder blades – setting them back  and down – along with a co-contraction of all the muscles of the core to  maintain spinal stability.

Modified Grip

The grip Gin utilizes in the kettlebell swing is modified to  externally rotate the palms (thumbs up) to avoid shoulder impingement.  Whatever grip you choose, it should be firm,  but not excessively tight to avoid fatigue in the forearms.  Wrists should be maintained as a neutral  extension of the forearm and weight should be controlled throughout the range  of motion – particularly at the top of the movement.

Weak Links

As with all integrated exercises, but particularly when  adding momentum in reactive strength training, it is important to closely  monitor and defer to any “weak links” in the sequential chain of  muscle firing – not just the primary “movers” but also the important  secondary “stabilizers”.



  1. Pati says

    Been using this product for over a year now and couldn’t be happier ! I’m still amazed, everyday, at the results I’ve achieved. I love that I’ve been able to get “6 pack abs” without a single sit-up! I recommend this to everyone.


  1. […] The workouts are challenging and not repetitive.  I was worried I would end up doing 45 minutes of kettlebell swings, but it’s a good variety and not, as I feared, just all the moves from the Boot Camp sheet set to music.  If you thought you recognized the name Gin Miller but weren’t sure, she’s the founder of step aerobics and an absolute staple in the fitness industry for good reason.  You can click here to buy the DVD directly and read more details on her website here. […]

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