Cover for Cramped Quarters

We produced the Cramped Quarters DVD as a convenience copy, selling it for only $2.99 – and to keep the cost down, it’s not packaged in a case and there’s no cover.  The project was orginally planned as a web-based workout only, but due to demand for a disc that could be played on a dvd player, we had them pressed.

Laura Woodside Hartness, a long time friend and Video Fitness Forum regular, took it upon herself to design a cover for her fellow workout friends who like to keep their dvds in order.  We appreciate it Laura!

Download PDF file for Print (on Windows, right click link and select “save target as”) – CQ Cover

To Print on Letter Sized paper:  choose 100 %, NOT fit to screen, and trim along dotted lines.

Full View of Cover


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    Thanks, Mary! I had great fun putting that together with you. As a former Navy wife and sister-in-law of an Army man, I can appreciate what our military has done and continues to do for us. Freedom ISN’T free. I’m so glad this DVD was produced, both for our servicemen and women, but also for those of us who love them. It’s also a fun workout that I can easily do in my tiny house!

    Thanks so much!

    Laura Hartness

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