Target Heart Rate Chart

When we first ran the series “How Hard Are You Working” about measuring exercise intensity, we found that there were few charts that featured the various means of measuring heart rate and exertion.  So we designed this poster sized chart and we have sold nearly 1,000 charts since.

This multi chart displays the Target Heart Rate Chart with a 10 Second Pulse Check and Perceived Exertion. Each chart is color coded to approximate your work effort zones.

Quantity discount offered on additional charts. Email us to inquire about Purchase Orders from educational and government agencies. Now offering lamination service for $10.00 per chart.

Large poster size target heart rate charts – 18X24

  • Recommended is to calculate your target heart rate with the Maximal Heart Rate Formula: 220 minus your age multiplied by the percent of intensity based on your goals.
  • Prior to effort, check your heart rate with the 10 second count – this is your point of departure rate.
  • At the peak of effort, check your pulse again – remember to keep moving to avoid blood pooling in the extremities and dizziness.
  • Recheck your pulse after you recover from your effort. Improvements in cardiovascular fitness can generally be measured by a reduced time from peak effort to a return of resting heart rate.
  • Check the rating of perceived exertion chart to learn how to correlate your working zones with how hard you feel like your effort is during each phase of your workout.
  • The same scale can also be applied to other modes of exercise, particularly effort in strength training.

Note –  read more info on calculating heart rate, pulse check and Rating of Perceived Exertion (RPE), or select Target Heart Rate category to see all.

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