Step Reaction

Gin shot this short 35 minute step workout as a learning tool for her classes at Kaiser Permenente.  With many first time steppers, she selected music with a slow tempo of 110 beats per minute.  To provide a gradual progression, the workout was increased in speed by 5% in the 3 additional versions of the workout.  While we considered fully packaging this for retail, this workout confirmed that it was time to invest in a new camera! 

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Back Cover:

Have you ever attempted a step workout and ended up feeling totally uncoordinated – like you have 2 left feet?  Unless you started stepping back in the early 90’s, it can be difficult to jump right into a step workout and feel successful.  The good news is, it’s not necessarily you!  It’s more than likely just a matter of REACTION time.

With stepping typically performed at higher rates of speed today, there’s little time to mentally process and react without feeling like you’re tripping over your own feet. In learning any new activity, your brain has to process what may be unfamiliar  terminology and then send a message to your working muscles to execute the patterns.  

Gin Miller’s Step Reaction gives you a chance to get up to speed and feel like you can succeed!   This 35 minute* workout offers 4 different beats per minute (BPMs) to allow you to start slow as you learn, then gradually increase in music tempo over time. 

In fitness progression, it is recommended that you adjust one variable at a time – the variables for increasing intensity are range of motion, step height and speed.

At slower speeds, you should first increase range of motion and then increase step height.   When you advance in speed, you may need to lower the step height and decrease range of motion initially – but as you adjust to the new tempo, you can again increase range of motion followed by an increase in step height.

Workout 1 – 110 bpms   Novice
Workout 2 – 116 bpms   Beginner
Workout 3 – 122 bpms   Intermediate
Workout 4 – 128 bpms   Advanced

*Workout times & BPMs are approximate


  1. Daniell says

    I absolutely love this workout. I have basically been doing it for a year and a half and I was able to do that because I had 12 different intensity levels to progress to over time with adjusting the step height and workout speed. The moves weren’t too complex to follow early in the morning before work when I was barely awake, but effective and entertaining enough that I could do it over and over and not get bored. This workout combined with my Step Reebok Circuit Challenge VHS (yes I said VHS) whipped me back into the shape I haven’t been in since high school. Thank you.

  2. Melanie says

    Exactly what I needed now. It begins with Novice then Beginners. Workout 3 is Intermediate and 4 is well, Advanced but that’s because of the tempo. I strongly recommend this w/o because it’s very easy yet sustains heart rate well on an 8″ step. Gin is gentle and so friendly you feel like you’re in a private ‘let me help you get back on track’ session.

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