Gin Miller’s Barbell Blast

Gin Miller’s Barbell Blast is a fun and effective fat-blasting workout, performed with a plate-loaded barbell system*, designed to increase muscle strength and improve balance. Gin demonstrates each exercise with an emphasis on proper form and technique and provides expert instruction on how to adjust the exercises for your level of fitness.

Each segment features a count-down timer and rep goals are provided at the start of each exercise – along with a reminder of how many reps are remaining in the set.  Calorie counts are provided for those who like to estimate their energy expenditure, but for more personalized accuracy, an exercise monitor is recommended.
If weight loss is your goal, perform the full workout at least 2 times per week, alternating it with your favorite cardio and flexibility workouts.
If you’re pressed for time, you can opt to do shorter workouts by selecting PLAYLISTS.  Choose 1 or 2 of the workouts or mix them up to suit your needs.  This allows you to reduce your workout time per session, increase frequency and diversify your workouts for ultimate results.
Warm-Up  (Time – 3:15)
Workout A: using barbell – works hips, legs, shoulders, arms & back (Time – 9:30)
  • Overhead Press
  • Plie Squats
  • Plie Squats with Press
  • Lunges
  • Biceps
  • Lunge w/ Biceps
  • Lunges
  • Overhead Pull
  • Lunge w/ Overhead Pull

Workout B: using plates – works shoulders, hips, legs, & back (Time – 11:00)

  • Shoulder Rotations
  • Squats
  • Lateral Raises
  • Single Leg Hinges
  • Hinges w/ Rear Leg Lift & Rear Flyes
  • Jumper Squats w/ Calf Raise
  • 1/4 Leg Dip w/ Upright Rows
  • 1/4 Leg Dip w/ Front Shoulder Raise
Workout C: Using barbell or plates – works back, chest, arms (Time 8:30)
  • Lunge position – Rows & Reaches
  • Core – pot stirs
  • Push Ups / Chest Flyes
Cool Down – (Time – 3:30)
Workout Time Total – 36:00
Bonus Abs – (Time – 8:30)
  • Pelvic tilts / hip lifts
  • V sits
  • V sit pulls w/ double leg opposition
  • Sit Ups w/ backstrokes
Total workout time w/ Abs – 44:30
*This workout is the full boxed version of the INBOX dvd that comes with the Empower brand barbell system,  available in retail stores.

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