Can Diet Soda Make You Fat?

Project 50 #43 Refreshing

Creative Commons License photo credit: jacreative  ~ This 9 minute clip explains how to adjust your blood ph with a properly balanced diet – why antacids are increasing in sales, why we have high calcium consumption but poor bone health, and why diet soda with ZERO calories can make you gain weight.

About Wellness Works

Wellness Works was created by a talented team that has been changing lives for decades in the fields of Nutrition, Exercise Physiology, Behavioral Science, and Education.

Team members hold advanced degrees in their field as well as certifications from:
– The American College of Sports Medicine
– The National Academy of Sports Medicine
– The American Council on Exercise
– The National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Wellness Works was originally developed as a tool for educating employees and is currently used by Fortune 500 companies to form the backbone for their corporate wellness programs.

Due to popular demand, Wellness Works is being made available to the general public at the Wellness Works Learning Community—to learn more, click here:


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