Salsa Walk

Fun, low-impact cardio workout, includes Gin’s Straight Up Stick Workout on the same DVD as a bonus!

Salsa Walk – Fitness expert Gin Miller adds just the right amount of Latin flair to this 35 minute low-impact walking workout. Starting with the basic “salsa walk”, Gin teaches easy-to-follow floor patterns that will spice up your cardio workouts. With combinations of sambas, chasses and cha-cha-cha’s this workout will leave you smiling and feeling great. Gin as always, pluts the emphasis on fitness fun – reminding you to enjoy the music, the movement and just let it go!

Straight Up Stick – As a bonus, you will love Gin’s great “posture fix” workout. Designed to strengthen the weaker back muscles and stretch the tighter front muscles, the 30 minute workout requires only a simple dowel, towel and a mat. The dowel or “stick” is used to assist with proper postural alignment and the focused stretches. Gin precisely cues the progressions of reverse squates, lunges, hip-hinges and unique core work to a mystic soundtrack that soothes the soul, relaxes tight muscles, and lifts the spirit.


5 Stars – Saved Me! I have been a step fan for years and have a few of her DVDs. 9 Months ago i went through some trauma in my life and couldn’t seem to motivate myself. I have been diagnosed with PTSD. Salsa Walk has got me moving and along with some good nutrition i have got my energy back. If you use this you’ll get a good walking workout around 35mins and it will get you ready for other training. Thanks Gin.  Mandy from England

5 Stars – Salsa Walk is a fun workout.  Gin spices it up with her spunky personality & excellent cueing.  Straight Up Stick is great for me as it challenges my flexibilty.  ~  Barb from Michagan

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