You Do The Impossible

What would you do if, in the middle of training for a triathlon, you were diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer at 39 years of age?  If you’re Molli Serrano, you do the impossible ~

Molli has recently completed her first triathlon since being diagnosed and she won first female overall in decisive form. She swam, biked and ran at paces consistent with her level before cancer, which showed that her fitness is coming back. It was a great celebration at the award ceremony, and it was really a tearful return to the top of the podium – where she belongs.

Molli’s story was submitted to Ironman in hopes of Ironman granting her a slot to the 2012 World Championship. Her story made the finals. She is not on yet as there is one final round of voting, and she needs your help. Please vote. Pass it on to everyone you know and have them vote. There is no limit of how many times you can vote, so please vote soon and vote often. The voting ends July 18.  Molli is truly Kona Inspired.

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