Swing Yourself Fit!

Swing Yourself Fit is a uniquely Gin kettlebell workout featuring 3 short workouts that, when combined, add up to one fast-blasting, core-focused, dynamic cardio and strength workout.  The short workout segments utilize a variety of kettlebell weights – light for the upper body(up to 5lbs), medium for the cardio (up to 8 lbs) and heavy for the lower body(up to 12lbs) kettlebells.  Gin uses Empower’s new Adjustable Kettlebell which will be available in Target stores in September and this workout will be the inbox for the product.

The Gin Miller Productions version, available for those who already own a variety of kettlebells, offers 2 bonus playlists: one to Play All of the short workouts in a non stop sequence and the 2nd which changes the order for an increased challenge.  The original sequence plays Warm-Up, Cardio, Upper Body and then Lower Body ending with a Cool Down.  In the alternate sequence, we switched Upper and Lower – after the Cardio, performing the Lower first, then going to the Upper will be a bit harder.  Of course you can also choose to mix and match the workouts to suit your own needs and time limitations.

Here’s the breakdown of the 53 minute Workout:

  • Warm Up – 7 minutes
  • Workout 1 – Swing Yourself Slender: 11 minute cardio session using a Medium Kettlebell up to 8 lbs.
  • Workout 2 – Swing Yourself Strong: 12 minute upper-body focused workout using a Light Kettlebell up to 5 lbs.
  • Workout 3 – Swing Yourself Sexy: 14 minute lower-body focused workout using a Heavy Kettlebell up to 12 lbs.
  • Cool Down – 9 minutes

You can purchase the workout here in our online store.


  1. Patty says

    I love this Kettlebell workout! As always, Gin Miller is the best. Love her teaching style.
    It’s an amazing core workout. I used a 5lb kettleball and got a total body workout.
    I really like the time counter on the right side of the screen.
    Anyone who loves to workout with the kettlebal, this is a must have.

    • Mary says

      Hi Patty,
      Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts about Gin’s workout! Hope you don’t mind, but I copied this to the reviews in our store to let people know that it’s a good workout! yeah! Mary

  2. Flo says

    I purchased this Kettle Bell workout 2 weeks ago and have worked on it for the last 7 days. It is an amazing work out and Gin is an amazing instructor. I found that exercise by using the kettle bell allows me to also stretch out many parts of my body. It gave me such a great work out and my arms start to firm up after 7 days. Please create more kettle bell routines so that I won’t get bored by doing it day in and day out. Absolutely love this kettle bell video set.

  3. Patty says

    I have been using the adjustable kettle bell workout for a few weeks now following Gin Miller’s DVD. I still feel challenged by the workout, but I am also tracking my calories. If a person does this workout start to finish all 53 minutes, how many calories on average are burned? I like the timer as well. It’s an incentive to finish the workout no matter how I feel. Then at the end, you feel like you accomplished something.

    Thanks for providing this awesome product! I love it!

    • Mary says

      Heavy kettlebell training is estimated to burn over 20kcals a minute. Since this is a lightweight kettlebell workout, it’s likely toward the lower end of the range, estimated at 13kcals. But it sounds like you already know that it depends on several factors. Nevertheless, at the low end you are burning 689 for 53 minutes and average would be about 900. Keep at it!

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