Get Fit! Sessions for All Levels

Gin Miller Fitness Studios offers small group personal training that is individualized to meet your unique fitness needs. Clients may participate in our regularly scheduled, pre-programmed sessions; book customized sessions for a group of their own; or reserve private personal training sessions with trainer of their choice.

Get Fit Series

Designed to optimize your fitness level in a matter of weeks, the Get Fit Series utilizes a FULL BODY CIRCUIT (FBC) – incredibly unique and effective because every movement pattern uses all four limbs and the trunk simultaneously.  Using an apparatus called the T3 LIFE TREE, Gin has put together an ingenious series of exercises that works every possible muscle group at the same time, for the most efficient workout possible. This type of training, called “systemic” fitness, uses bracing and engaging muscles to HOLD the body while other muscle move in infinite angles of resistance. In short—the more muscles used, the more calories burned.  You’ll work WITH and AGAINST gravity to develop a wickedly strong and resilient physique all your friends will admire. And here’s the best part—IT’S FUN!!!!

Level 1 – Easy Does It

A cardio and strength circuit training program specially designed for seniors and those new to exercise. This is the beginning level in our Get Fit series. This low-impact, safe and easy- to- follow session helps improve balance and posture, build and maintain functional strength to support normal daily activities, increase cardiovascular fitness, and maintain a healthy weight. Trainer will provide modifications for all movements so they can be easily adapted to fit each client’s fitness level and comfortable range of motion. Novice to Beginner level 1 clients

Level 2 – Everybody’s Circuit

A strength, cardio& core training program designed for participants used to exercising moderately. Workout targets the entire body, focusing on building strength, power, balance and stability by replicating natural movements such as pushing, pulling, lunging and squatting. Super-effective training that allows individuals to enhance personal fitness and performance levels. Designed for level 2  clients.

Level 3 –  Triple Fat Burning Circuit

Intense, focused, efficient, challenging and rewarding, this interval training circuit session combines high intensity cardio and heavy strength training segments. You’ll combust major calories, burn the maximum amount of body fat, and increase muscle strength and endurance. Expect to work hard and see rapid results. Designed for level 3 and higher clients.

Session Fees – Get Fit Series

6 Weeks:

Level 1 clients –2 hours/week–12 sessions total         $240.00
Level 2 & 3 clients–3 hours/week –18 sessions total   $360.00

Open Sessions

Open sessions do not require enrollment and are offered on a first come basis.

Express Circuit: A quick 45-minute total body conditioning circuit including cardio, strength and core training exercises. This session is  designed with three versions of each movement pattern, so participants can work at their own appropriate level of intensity . A super effective, goal-oriented full-body workout designed for all levels of fitness.

What Level Am I?

You’ll have the opportunity to try sessions that are labeled as either 1&2 or 2&3 to help you decide which Get Fit Session you should sign up for.  The following is a general guide to help you decide:

  • Novice: Never or rarely participates in physical activity.
  • Level 1: Comfortably participates in at least 20 minutes of continuous physical activity.
  • Level 2: Comfortably participates in at least 30 minutes of continuous physical activity causing sustained moderate- heavy breathing.
  • Level 3: Comfortably participates in at least 40 minutes of continuous physical activity resulting in intervals of heavy breathing.

For more information or to book a group or private session, please call Donna at  770-846-9373



  1. Elena says

    Thank you for allowing me to partake in your level 1/2 class (and some level 3 hard moves) June 20th! It was challenging and fun! Time went by quick and I was able to do the majority of the exercises and movements you showed us. Let me know if I can come back June 27th or 28th for another workout before the summer session starts. I’m already signed up for the July – Aug session, but would like to get a jump start if that’s alright.

    Thank you again!



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