Hangin’ at the Tree House

As a kid, we all hung out on the playground – swinging, jumping, climbing and having fun.  As we grew up we learned to sit still.  We stopped playing around like monkeys and became pros in the art of sitting.  As adults, most can’t pass 5 seconds on an elementary hang test.

Gin has long lamented that the ability to pull from above was the one element missed in most group strength training programs. So when the Gin Miller Fitness Studio opened a little over a year ago, the T3 Life Tree became the centerpiece of the program.  In researching the options, Gin decided to go with what we now just refer to as ‘the tree’.  A solid piece of equipment made by BodyCraft, the T3 Life Tree is a sleek chin bar that comes equipped with many options for pulling, pushing, hanging and dangling.  And from the basic elements, Gin has added a few of her own devices.

The program has been developed to accommodate all levels, so if the thought of hanging upside down from your knees makes your head swim, no worries.  For the deconditioned and/or feet-on-the-ground types, there are lots of options to get your workout.  Run mostly as a circuit, strength moves are interspersed with cardio and at the end, you’ve hit it all.

We have been running classes as 6 week small group training sessions and our clients are loving it! But to make it easier for more to join in on these fun and challenging workouts, we are now transitioning to a pass system.  This will provide greater flexibility and convenience (and fill a few empty trees) and you can now purchase a pass and schedule your sessions online through our new reservation system.

If you are a returning client, we encourage you to go ahead and get the 18 class pass ($15 per class) and schedule in your regular time slot for the next 6 weeks.  If you are interested in checking out the program, you can now go online to find openings and join us.  Rates range from $20 for a single class to our best deal with the 18 class pass.

So c’mon… what are you waiting for??? Come hang with Gin at the Tree House!

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