Gin’s Uscreen TV Store

We've looked, we've waited, we finally found it - a simple to use, content-protected, reliable, secure streaming video platform... it's Uscreen TV!  Yes, we've tried other ways to get all fancy with downloads, rentals and video on demand services but all the tried platforms left us wanting.  This … Read More

Gin Miller Fitness Studio

General Studio Info - browsers start here Gin Miller Fitness Studio -  Gin's Program overview and our Schedule at a Glance To Register - returning clients and new members go here Our Studio's Mindbody Site - to view our daily/weekly schedule, to sign up for classes and/or to buy a pass Buy a … Read More

Hangin’ at the Tree House

As a kid, we all hung out on the playground - swinging, jumping, climbing and having fun.  As we grew up we learned to sit still.  We stopped playing around like monkeys and became pros in the art of sitting.  As adults, most can't pass 5 seconds on an elementary hang test. Gin has long lamented … Read More

Get Fit! Sessions for All Levels

Gin Miller Fitness Studios offers small group personal training that is individualized to meet your unique fitness needs. Clients may participate in our regularly scheduled, pre-programmed sessions; book customized sessions for a group of their own; or reserve private personal training sessions with … Read More

Swing Yourself Fit!

Swing Yourself Fit is a uniquely Gin kettlebell workout featuring 3 short workouts that, when combined, add up to one fast-blasting, core-focused, dynamic cardio and strength workout.  The short workout segments utilize a variety of kettlebell weights - light for the upper body(up to 5lbs), medium … Read More

You Do The Impossible

What would you do if, in the middle of training for a triathlon, you were diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer at 39 years of age?  If you're Molli Serrano, you do the impossible ~ Molli has recently completed her first triathlon since being diagnosed and she won first female overall in decisive … Read More

Gin’s Short Circuit Workout

Don’t have endless hours to spend exercising? Great news! You don’t have to with this quick and efficient ‘get-it-done-in-one’ workout by fitness expert Gin Miller. This program is designed specifically to provide the quickest calorie burn in the least amount of time. Alternating bouts of high … Read More

Aerobic Hecklers

We've all been faced with the varying species of the "Aerobic Heckler" - that participant that defies your lead and does their own thing.  If you've taught any length of time, or subbed for another instructor, you've likely had to bite your tounge at least once to keep from channelling Eric Cartman … Read More

Can Diet Soda Make You Fat?

photo credit: jacreative  ~ This 9 minute clip explains how to adjust your blood ph with a properly balanced diet - why antacids are increasing in sales, why we have high calcium consumption but poor bone health, and why diet soda with ZERO calories can make you gain weight. About Wellness … Read More

Exercise Overkill

photo credit: IntangibleArts  ~ This is the time of year that people try to erase the sins of the past and many try to do so on the first day! One of my friends, who'd taken time off from working out and resolved to get back in shape, announced that she did 3 full workouts... on … Read More