Heart Rate Monitors

In 1979, Polar invented the first wireless heart rate monitor for the Finnish Nordic Ski Team. As intensity training has increased in popularity, so has the use and availability of this equipment, which can eliminate a large margin of error with counting pulse. Heart rate monitors are usually … Read More

Target Heart Rate Chart

When we first ran the series "How Hard Are You Working" about measuring exercise intensity, we found that there were few charts that featured the various means of measuring heart rate and exertion.  So we designed this poster sized chart and we have sold nearly 1,000 charts since. This multi chart … Read More

Strength Training for Life

Gin developed this clever workout for an ACSM conference presentation that offers variety and fitness with little equipment required. It's a fun twist on workouts that you can pick and choose from to work into your daily schedule or weekends. Don't forget - check with your doctor before trying … Read More

Interval Training

photo credit: Ewick Sometimes it's hard to wade thru headlines and know that what you are doing is what you need to be doing.  Several years ago, information about a study related to low to moderate activity burning the most fat was widely circulated. This led to a lot of confusion about which … Read More

What Are You Training For?

photo credit: matheuslotero In the 90’s, the Nike shoe corporation begged the question in a clever ad campaign that featured volleyball superstar Gabriella Reece, shown in a TV ad casually dining with friends. When a nearby patron began choking, the super-fit athlete nimbly jumped a chair rail to … Read More

Integrated Strength

Integrated, or functional strength, is a time-efficient training program that focuses on developing usable strength in sequential muscle patterns moving over a stable or strong core. So what does functional mean? Functional, usable strength is that which you can support with your own body. … Read More