About Gin Miller

She’s best known as the “creator” / “creative force” / “inventor” of “step training” / “Step Reebok” / “step aerobics”.  Google her name and you will find articles by her, about her, and various references to her along with links to purchase her many workouts.

Even the ‘experts’ at Expert Village identify Gin as the one who started it all.  As is common with her name, the text transcript of the video has her identified as “Jen” Miller.  Ahem!  It’s “Gin” like the liquor, “Miller” like the beer – that’s her name and she doesn’t “wine” about it when people get it wrong.

Back in the 90’s when step was all the rage, Gin traveled to well over 40 countries to teach the world to step as a founding member of the Reebok University Master Trainer team. In the decade to follow, Gin diversified into other areas of fitness and has remained a favorite of fitness workout fans. With a vast video history, she is greatly appreciated for her athletic approach to fitness, her humor and her superior cuing skills.

Gin grew up with a love for all sports and was a competitive gymnast throughout college. Shortly thereafter, she began teaching children’s gymnastics, which in turn led to aerobics for the Mom’s. In the early 80’s she began strength training and discovered body-building, still in its early stages for women, and won several competitions.

High impact aerobics and intense strength training eventually led to a knee injury. In consulting with an orthopedic doctor, it was recommended that she strengthen the muscles that support the knee by stepping up and down on a milk crate. The rest is step history.

Gin recently moved from her long-time residence in Canton, GA, to Woodstock, GA and has turned her talent and energy into developing her production company, Gin Miller Productions.  In the Summer of 2012, she opened her studio, Gin Miller Fitness, in downtown Woodstock where she offers unique fitness programming and continues to shoot workout video projects.

Gin enjoys outdoor sports of all kinds, including mountain biking and snowboarding, and has a true passion and talent for home decorating.

Gin’s son, Ian, is a graduate of Georgia Tech with a degree in International Studies and Language, taking him to the other side of the world to pursue a business career in Japan.

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