Gin’s Old Workouts?

Gin’s older titles NO LONGER in distribution include:

New Body Workout

Simply Circuit – no longer on dvd, but available streaming online here

Aerostep – This Reebok title is no longer available.

Best of Step Reebok TV

Gin’s One on One Circuit – Shape

Flexaball Work: Tone Trim and Tighten

All of Gin’s workouts that pre-date Step Reebok: The Video, including The 29 minute Workout

Abworks – by Nordic Track

If you are looking for any of these workouts featuring Gin, your best chance of finding them is in the Video Fitness website’s video exchange, or you might get lucky on ebay or from resellers on Ebay.

Fit TV

Many remember the series produced by Reebok for Fit TV and frequently ask where to get the old shows. Gin was featured in many of these short 24 minute workouts, along with other Reebok Master Trainers, Kathy Stevens, Petra Kolber, Lisa Wheeler and the fun-loving “whistle guy”, the late Big John.

Unfortunately, those shows were never produced for purchase in any format, but still occasionally run on health related networks.


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