Gin’s Workshops

Empower  3DP

EMPOWER 3DP (3 Dimensional Power), is a system that adds a whole new realm of application to the flexible strength aspects of yoga workouts. For beginners, this unique system makes all flexibility postures accessible, while for more flexible participants creates a whole new level of achievement.  This new systemic connection helps develop focus, balance, strength and flexibility at multiple levels!

Soft Step Hard Body

Empower your stepping workout with the use of soft, easy grip resistance and Gin Miller’s new SOFTSTEP workout! Come and experience an upper body toning alternative that will raise energy expenditure, tone and shape the upper body, and improve posture. The results are empowering.

A new Gin Miller workshop that moves beyond the basics of traditional circuit interval conditioning, this program offers cardio conditioning and an upper body toning alternative that raises energy expenditure (more calories burned), tones and shapes the upper as well as lower body, and improves posture and balance.  Learn the keys to proper development of intensity combinations that include upper strength training moves woven throughout the foot patterns. This workshop emphasizes slower cadences, balance and control versus faster, higher impact stepping.  Review the principles of circuit interval conditioning, applications and formats, and focus on movement sequencing, effective pattern placement and intensity/skill level development.  Take home new combinations for instant application, but most importantly learn how to safely create, modify and apply your own Soft Step/Hard Body workout.  Workshop requires participants to bring 2-3 lb. dumbbells.

E.L.I.T.E. Strength:  Extreme Levels in Exercise Training

This is a high intensity strength training workshop designed to elicit a cardio-respiratory response as well as maximum muscle recruitment.  The goal is to teach participants how to combine all four limbs and the trunk in a progressive series of movement patterns that challenge pre-conceived psychological and physical limitations. Make your move toward bringing out your inner elite athlete!

For more information and to check Gin’s availability, email Donna Dye.

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