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BistroMD Puts Experts In Your Kitchen

It’s more than calories. It’s deeper than food. When you choose BistroMD, you put weight loss experts in your kitchen. Our program is scientifically formulated based on the best and latest research into weight management and metabolism. BistroMD blends Dr. Cederquist’s years of first-hand experience of helping thousands of people lose weight with convenient meals delivered to your home. The result? From our founding physician to our award-winning chefs and knowledgeable dietitians, you will receive nutritionally balanced meals and the support needed to help you lose weight and keep it off through healthier eating.

BistroMD Meals are Nutritionally Complete

Lasagna Rollatine

Lasagna Rollatine

Unlike other diet plans, BistroMD is not just convenient, low-calorie food. Each meal and each day is designed with the proper combination of nutrients. From the amount of lean, adequate protein in our entrées and snacks to the proper balance of carbohydrates, fat and fiber; each ingredient is selected to provide the proper nutrition needed to promote healthy weight loss.

BistroMD is Effective for Weight Loss

Does it seem like every donut goes right to your hips in a way that it never did five years ago? If you’ve developed insulin resistance and the Metabolic Syndrome, as more than 80 percent of overweight people have, there’s a different process running your machine. BistroMD meals are specifically designed to get your body back on its normal metabolic program so you can lose weight effectively and finally get healthy again. Every ingredient is combined in each dish to retrain your metabolism to allow for the best loss of weight and, more importantly, the loss of body fat. This is a gradual process and it can take 4-8 weeks to reprogram and retrain your body.

Chicken Mushroom Crepe

Chicken Mushroom Crepe

BistroMD Supplies Your Body with Protein

If you examine the protein content of other weight loss meals, you will see that many of them are low in protein and high in simple carbohydrate. By consuming carbohydrate without the proper balance of protein and fat, your metabolism remains untrained and unbalanced. Simple carbohydrate is inexpensive and exactly what a dieter does not need. If you’ve ever felt hungry and dissatisfied after eating, the meal may have been lacking essential nutritional components, like protein.

BistroMD Snacks Will Fuel Your Weight Loss

Each snack from BistroMD is protein-based and contains about 8-15 grams of protein. Our program supplies protein roughly every 3-4 hours. This lean, adequate protein will boost your metabolism and curb your food cravings to help you stay healthy and lose weight.

BistroMD Uses Pure Ingredients from Nature

Mediterranean Chicken

Mediterranean Chicken

As we taste and evaluate our chef’s newest entrées, we keep you in mind. We don’t allow our kitchens to take the easy way out by adding chemicals, fillers and additives to make foods taste moist and tender, which is so often found in prepared or frozen meals. From our naturally rich salmon with essential Omega-3 fatty acids, to our fresh vegetables; we start with good food, and do good things with it!
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Frequently Asked Questions ~

How did we get started?

BistroMD was developed by founding physician, Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D., a board certified bariatric physician in 2005 at her medical weight loss clinic. She noticed that many of her patients were lost when it came to planning and cooking healthy meals at home. Even more importantly, her patients lacked scientific understanding of the proper ways to combine foods to help their unique body chemistry to adjust to promote healthy weight loss.

Where do we deliver?

BistroMD delivers nationwide throughout the continental United States including Hawaii and Alaska.

Who designs BistroMD meals?

Stuffed French Toast

Stuffed French Toast

Each recipe is designed and approved by Dr. Cederquist and then prepared in conjunction with our team of dietitians and chefs. What is the nutritional breakdown our meals? Our caloric ranges fluctuate between 1100-1400 calories per day. Approximately 40-45% of these calories are from lean protein, 30-35% from complex carbohydrates and 20-25% from healthy fat.

What kind of ingredients are used?

BistroMD uses pure ingredients from nature. We do not add chemicals, fillers, additives and preservatives which are often found in prepared or frozen meals. To name a few of our banned ingredients, our meals do not contain MSG, hydrogenated fats, BHA, saccharin, potassium bromate or sulfites except sulfites that occur naturally in wine dishes.

How do I know what I am eating?

BistroMD is USDA approved which means that every meal is labeled with the complete nutritional value and ingredients.

Is BistroMD safe for Type II Diabetes?

Yes. Each meal has been designed to be safe for Type II diabetes.

How is BistroMD prepared?

Our team of award-winning chefs hand-prepare every meal according to our recipes.

How is BistroMD delivered?

BistroMD meals are cooked fresh, and then delivered frozen by FedEx to your door once a week on dry ice.

How much does BistroMD cost?

Chicken Fresco

Chicken Fresco

BistroMD offers multiple menu plans starting at $129.95 a week for 5 days of breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. We also have 7 day plans starting at $159.95 a week. All plans can be ordered with or without protein based snacks. We also offer customized plans for clients as well as discounts for families.

How is BistroMD ordered?

Clients may order BistroMD at our website or by calling our customer service department at 1-866-401-DIET (3438). (Use Code HP1062 to get FREE SHIPPING!) Clients are then enrolled in our convenient auto-delivery program which ensures delivery of meals each week until they put their program on hold or cancel.

Does BistroMD have customizable menus?

Yes, our team of dietitians can customize a menu based on food preferences, allergies and lifestyles.

What type of support does BistroMD offer?

BistroMD offers every customer free dietitian support through email or by calling our customer service department. BistroMD also hosts an active community on Facebook and Twitter as well as weekly newsletters and blog articles that include useful dieting information and inspirational stories to keep clients motivated.

How long can a customer eat BistroMD meals?

Customers can eat BistroMD for life! Our program was designed as part of a healthy lifestyle philosophy and our meals supply all needed essential daily nutrition.

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Use Code HP1062 to get FREE SHIPPING!


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