What Are You Training For?

photo credit: matheuslotero In the 90’s, the Nike shoe corporation begged the question in a clever ad campaign that featured volleyball superstar Gabriella Reece, shown in a TV ad casually dining with friends. When a nearby patron began choking, the super-fit athlete nimbly jumped a chair rail to … Read More

Integrated Strength

Integrated, or functional strength, is a time-efficient training program that focuses on developing usable strength in sequential muscle patterns moving over a stable or strong core. So what does functional mean? Functional, usable strength is that which you can support with your own body. … Read More

Simply Strong

This is Gin's total body strength class, formatted to give you a complete workout that will increase your strength, muscle endurance and flexibility, and improve balance. This is functional training at its best. Gin layers these intermediate to advanced exercises to allow you to get "simply strong" … Read More